Add trails of stars, fire and pulsating hearts to your cursor with iCursor.It runs in the system tray and is optimized for minimal impact on system resources (less than 0.7% CPU on a 2008 low-end iMac and MacMini.Note: In multiscreen configuration iCursor works only on the main screen. Native Intel64+ARM64.  

Chimera 3D engine

Chimera 3D e’ una engine OpenGL portabile sviluppata per girare su Windows, macOS e iOS. Durante gli anni Chimera si e’ evoluta parecchio per adattarsi alle nuove richieste (per esempio supportando lo switch 3D->stereo 3D con un semplice tasto). Una versione pubblica e’ disponibile gratis per tutti, il pacchetto per OS X e Windows include […]

Radiosity Demo

This is an abstract from Chimera that demonstrates the generation of Lightmaps using the internal radiosity process, the image above represents the functioning demo you can download here: Scarica (0.5MB, eseguibile per Windows 7+) Scarica (1.4MB, app per 10.7+) About Radiosity Radiosity assures the full handling of global illumination, shadows generation and efficient light distribution however, like any other […]

Old Projects

Across the jungle A sort of “popup book” in 2D / 3D for children for iOS Live Compass 3D compass over the live video, the first in the iOS store (as usual… Im an idiot) Kaleidraw A simple fully configurable kaleidoscope for iOS   Sparkles Simply a moving particle mess by the user  


The smallest benchmark (*) OpenGL available on the internet, and free! Scarica 100 KB – Single application, no installation required only Drag & Drop!For macOS 10.3.9 and later. (*) Note on the results: OpenMark bases its score on the maximum number of textured triangles (call it “3D casting”) that your Mac can simultaneously show […]