Il Castello Sforzesco   Recently updated !

A Renaissance castle in the heart of Milan: discover its beauties and its secrets, told by the voices of the Sforza and Leonardo da Vinci. Listen and play with the digital guide of Art Stories, at the Castello Sforzesco, at home or wherever you want! Link all’App Store Link al sito ufficiale

iCursor   Recently updated !

Add trails of stars, fire and pulsating hearts to your cursor with iCursor.It runs in the system tray and is optimized for minimal impact on system resources (less than 0.7% CPU on a 2008 low-end iMac).Note: In multiscreen configuration iCursor works only on the main screen. Scarica iCursor dal Mac App Store in una unica versione […]

Chimera 3D engine

Chimera 3D e’ una engine OpenGL portabile sviluppata per girare su Windows, macOS e iOS. Durante gli anni Chimera si e’ evoluta parecchio per adattarsi alle nuove richieste (per esempio supportando lo switch 3D->stereo 3D con un semplice tasto). Una versione pubblica e’ disponibile gratis per tutti, il pacchetto per OS X e Windows include […]

Radiosity Demo   Recently updated !

This is an abstract from Chimera that demonstrates the generation of Lightmaps using the internal radiosity process, the image above represents the functioning demo you can download here: Scarica (0.5MB, eseguibile per Windows 7+) Scarica (1.4MB, app per 10.7+) About Radiosity Radiosity assures the full handling of global illumination, shadows generation and efficient light distribution however, like any other […]

Old Projects   Recently updated !

Across the jungle A sort of “popup book” in 2D / 3D for children for iOS Live Compass 3D compass over the live video, the first in the iOS store (as usual… Im an idiot) Kaleidraw A simple fully configurable kaleidoscope for iOS   Sparkles Simply a moving particle mess by the user  

OpenMark   Recently updated !

The smallest benchmark (*) OpenGL available on the internet, and free! Scarica 100 KB – Single application, no installation required only Drag & Drop!For macOS 10.3.9 and later. (*) Note on the results: OpenMark bases its score on the maximum number of textured triangles (call it “3D casting”) that your Mac can simultaneously show […]