C3 | Chimera 3volved

Engine C3, a total revamp of Chimera, is almost completed (assuming that an engine can be defined as completed …).
C3 contains a lot of advanced features: it is completely shader-based and contains many postprocessing effects such as filmgrain, depth-of-field etc. but probably the best thing is that it runs on Windows (core 330), macOS (core 320 due to implementation limitations) and iOS (ES2 + ES3) without changing a client line.
A big thank you Igor Dykhta for the POM shader base.

Here is a simple video demonstrating Parallax Occlusion Mapping, Cube Mapping, Normal mapping, Per-Pixel Lighting using 30,000 polygons at 30 FPS on a rusty old iPad2 (not “air” 2, just 2 and that’s it).


C3 test

Link al video.