Lucas tells the story of the fourth year of high school of a boy from the small Italian province and his group of friends. The story deals with various topics related to adolescence: school, family, rebellion, excesses and friendship. Made entirely on computer, the “graphic novel” will be published as a serial app, initially on […]


I wrote a couple of screensavers for macOS for those interested (unfortunately the “plug-ins” are not publishable via the Mac App Store).They are called X-Galaxy and X-Vortex, both of which take up the M42 nebula in Orion, like the Snow Leopard theme, this time in 3D glory. Download Screensavers1.5MB macOS 10.6+ (universal 32/64bit).


Add trails of stars, fire and pulsating hearts to your cursor with iCursor.It runs in the system tray and is optimized for minimal impact on system resources (less than 0.7% CPU on a 2008 low-end iMac and MacMini.Note: In multiscreen configuration iCursor works only on the main screen. Native Intel64+ARM64.