Palazzo Marino

Palazzo Marino kids takes you on an interactive journey among the historical characters and the rooms of the building which today is the seat of the Municipality of Milan. The app can be browsed like a book and reveals all the secrets of the building: when was it built? from who? what are the most […]

Duomo di Milano

The Milan Cathedral, symbol of the city and its history, takes you on a journey through time and architecture. Have fun discovering how the building developed, and listen to the voices of the spiers, gargoyles and the Madonna! You can use the app at the Duomo, at home or wherever you prefer! Link all’App Store Link […]

I Dadà e il temporale

Elastico – Andersen Award 2015 for digital creations Editor’s Choice Award – Children’s Technology Review – USA At the first thunder, the dog Lola runs to hide in her kennel. What a fear the storm! No fear! Here come the Dada, the mini-superheroes on the side of the little ones! Link all’App Store Link al […]

Il Castello Sforzesco

A Renaissance castle in the heart of Milan: discover its beauties and its secrets, told by the voices of the Sforza and Leonardo da Vinci. Listen and play with the digital guide of Art Stories, at the Castello Sforzesco, at home or wherever you want! Link all’App Store Link al sito ufficiale

Vitamini & SuperVitamini

As part of a food education project aimed at children, a super-interactive story to playfully discover the qualities and powers of fruit and vegetables … making everyone’s mouth water! Miki Mela, Tom Pomodoro, Francy Fragola, Alex Banana, Clara Carota, Rudy Aglio, Pier Fungo, Bob Broccolo, Patty Pera and Frankie Fico: here are the Vitamini! There […]


Eyephedrine is an advanced audio visualizer, completely based on 3D and packaged in a single App for macOS. It works with the internal microphone or any other audio device recognized by the Mac. Uses default Audio Input (default Mic, Line-In webcams with mics or any other external input device recognized by OSX) with adjustable sensitivity; […]