Eyephedrine is an advanced audio visualizer, completely based on 3D and packaged in a single App for macOS. It works with the internal microphone or any other audio device recognized by the Mac.

  • Uses default Audio Input (default Mic, Line-In webcams with mics or any other external input device recognized by OSX) with adjustable sensitivity;
  • It visually responds to every note and beat of your audio captures, creating dazzling visual effects that are a treat to the eye, with 90+ Themes that could be enriched by your own pictures or live video which can be applied onto scene’s objects;
  • supports live-video from iSight or any external USB camera: live-video replaces textures or mixes it to obtain amazing effects;
  • Works in window, fullscreen and also as a “live wallpaper” replacing the background;
  • includes more than 90 scenes which are both selectable and sortable reacting to the audio in different manner;
  • the Control Panel is available in three size with predefined and custom skins;
  • The Theme Manager help you to sort, moving in preferred sequence, enable or disable any theme you like to find your optimal sequence;
  • supports 3D stereo visualization (SBS = side-by-side) on any device (TV, projectors, headset etc) that work with SBS mode (side-by-side, that is: all);
  • uses a whole series of advanced effects (bloom, blur, realtime physics) typical of games or productions that are certainly more expensive;
    This app creates flashing lights which may not be suitable for users affected by photosensitive epilepsy

Native Intel64+ARM64.



fan-made movies (thanks to all for these fan-made videos: