Eyephedrine, DiscroBrick MIDI and iCursor for Ventura

Now updated to latest version of macOS Ventura. All version are ARM/INTEL compatible.There was an error about FullScreen mode in DiscoBrick and Eyephedrine, ONLY ON VENTURA: solved. (all these versions are compatible with older macOS versions, Intel included) Thanks all for the patience and the support!!!!

Cool water and lights simulator using DMX

The simulator uses DMX output values/channels to build a simulation/preview without using hardware. In this case its a water fountain with 5 channels lights (RGBW+Strobo). Featuring water shader, reflections and skybox in OpenGL running on Windows 11 on a microPC with and old Intel IRIS.

iCursor 2.13 now available.

A new version which do not display the “splash screen” except after the very first launch. Thanks for the feedbacks from the amazing Apple community, and report me any problems.

Nebula Solaris – Venice Carnival 2022

An amazing show during Venice Carnival made by Viorica and the amazing skills of his crew!!All (or… ehr … almost all) driven by Azzurro Sequencer. from YouTube: Downloadable local copy:

DiscoBrick MIDI 1.10 Mac Intel+ARM is now available!

Sync MIDI to VISUAL EFFECTS like never before:This App devoted to MIDI and MPE users: a blazingly fast engine 3D rendering with maps, your pictures or even using Live Video. For each scene each key (NOTE ON + VELOCITY) of each octave changes a single or more effects (depending on the scene) and, more important, […]

Eyephedrine 2.33 Mac Intel+ARM is now available [UPDATE]

Eyephedrine is an advanced audio visualizer, completely based on OpenGL and packaged in a single App for macOS. It works with the internal microphone or any other audio device recognized by the Mac. [UPDATE v2.32: finally solved the f***g “OpenGL quarter screen problem” on Big Sur, thanks to all the testers!] Natively build for Intel […]