Lo Starnuto Magico

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“A magical sneeze” is a fun Christmas-themed musical fairy tale, conceived and sung by Daniele Goldoni and illustrated thanks to the creativity of Rossana Capasso. The fairy tale gives face and form to Sigismondo a cold child who, thanks to a magical sneeze, sees strange and funny things happening around him. A fairy tale therefore not only to listen to and read but also to sing and play together. Decorating a Christmas tree, choosing Sigismondo’s eyes, nose and mouth, trying to fit the toys into the right shapes, in short, a set of possibilities and light and pleasant entertainment. Suitable for children aged 3 years and over, the APP lends itself to different modes of use, children can therefore safely use it independently without any difficulty trying to play the musical notes, move the moving elements that appear, linger on the images and fantasize.

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