volumetric light

The Belt: volumetric light

The Belt demonstates scattering + volumetric lights, and realtime physic collisions. Download The Belt macOS (2.8MB universal app 10.7+)Download The Belt Windows (1.9MB Windows 7/8/10/11) Its also available a 3d (stereo) version here;: Download The StereoBelt macOS  (2.1MB universal app 10.7+)Download The StereoBelt Windows (1.9MB Windows 7/8/10/11)  

3D Demos

Some realtime , freely downadables, 3D demos that demonstrate the usual things, namely: high polycount with a bang of FPS, keyframers, splines, fsaa, lightbloom, lightmaps, flares, bumpmaps, normal maps, specular mapping, volumetric lights, shadows and realtime physic. All demos work with FSAA enabled, maximum anisotropic and trilinear filter. All the scenes are written in a […]