DiscoBrick MIDI

A standalone Audio Visualizer! DiscoBrick MIDI creates dazzling visual effects by reacting to the audio that is captured by your MIDI / MPE Devices and, optionally, mix them also using a Mic.

It can be used in professional settings as well as for personal enjoyment, to create video effects with interactive animation for concerts, theater, art installations, movies, advertising, parties, education and more! 

  • 3D ENGINE real time
    Blazingly fast engine 3D rendering with maps, your images or though the Live Video. You can choose Media speed and Rendering rate, based on your hardware;
  • Sync MIDI to VISUAL EFFECTS like never before
    You can customize the features of your Midi Keyboard to control Speed, Brightness and Dynamics of all Scenes selectively, matching Note On, Velocity On, After Touch. Pitch/Bend and even the Control Change with your DAW (and, optionally, you can mix any value with audio/mic input);
  • Customize keyboard / DAW & Control Change
    You can customize the value, whether it is Pitch / Bend or another, it has its own value / channel, the default setting is: “Note On” 144 | “Velocity On” 1442 | “AfterTouch” 208 (208/223) | “Pitch/Bend” 224 (224/239) | “Control Change” 176 (176 /191): DiscoBrick MIDI offer a pre-compiled setting for “Camelot Pro”. You Can recognise the Software in the resources list;
  • Keyboard MIDI automapping
    DiscoBrick MIDI analyzes the MIDI device and the octaves available. The application adapts the parameters of the themes effects on the selected device. The automatic mapping allows you to use the whole keyboard extension even if you change octaves;
  • Fit to all screens, Video Wall ans ProjectorsThe software offer a classic fullscreen and also as a “live wallpaper” replacing the background; Is also supported the Stereo 3D View on any active/passive/autostereo 3D TV or 3D device supporting SBS (side-by-side) stereo 3D;
  • Smart Interface
    the interface is resizable and the REMOTE panel can be reduced to optimize the space on the monitor. The Theme Manager help you to sort, moving in preferred sequence and select the favorite themes list;
  • Tons of Templates
    DiscoBrick MIDI comes with a  rich, ever- increasing collection of themes from which you can choose your personal favorite list. Whatever your tastes are, there’s a DiscoBrick theme that fits them!
  • Customize themes
    You can add your favorite images to the dazzling DiscoBrick experience, in seveal tempaltes the textures can be replaced with your own selected pictures or with the “live video” (using the built-in or an external camera) in real time. You can insert the live inside the theme as a texture and project it again in the show;
This app creates flashing lights which may not be suitable for users affected by photosensitive epilepsy
Native Intel64+ARM64.