In this section you can find the not-so usual problems about my app:– Eyephedrine don’t reacts to audio input; ——————————————————————————————————————- Eyephedrine don’t reacts to audio input Check if you have an audio-input capable hardware, for example webcams, external or internal microphone and so on, to do that open Control Panel, then Sound, then Input tab: […]

Lo Starnuto Magico

912 / 5000     “A magical sneeze” is a fun Christmas-themed musical fairy tale, conceived and sung by Daniele Goldoni and illustrated thanks to the creativity of Rossana Capasso. The fairy tale gives face and form to Sigismondo a cold child who, thanks to a magical sneeze, sees strange and funny things happening around […]


We have chosen five wonderful cities of the world to discover and explore. Putting the different skylines back together like a simple puzzle, young and old will find themselves in Venice, London, Shanghai, San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro. Each city comes alive and, looking well, reveals small animations, sounds, real noises and … some […]


What do you eat around the world? And how is the table set? On a trip to the world map, children discover what is happening in 8 countries: Italy, France, Russia, Morocco, India, Japan, Mexico, the United States. Each nation has a table to set, with a lunch to set, cutlery to arrange … and […]

Palazzo Marino

Palazzo Marino kids takes you on an interactive journey among the historical characters and the rooms of the building which today is the seat of the Municipality of Milan. The app can be browsed like a book and reveals all the secrets of the building: when was it built? from who? what are the most […]

C3 | Chimera 3volved

Engine C3, a total revamp of Chimera, is almost completed (assuming that an engine can be defined as completed …). C3 contains a lot of advanced features: it is completely shader-based and contains many postprocessing effects such as filmgrain, depth-of-field etc. but probably the best thing is that it runs on Windows (core 330), macOS […]