Cool water and lights simulator using DMX

The simulator uses DMX output values/channels to build a simulation/preview without using hardware. In this case its a water fountain with 5 channels lights (RGBW+Strobo). Featuring water shader, reflections and skybox in OpenGL running on Windows 11 on a microPC with and old Intel IRIS.

Nebula Solaris – Venice Carnival 2022

An amazing show during Venice Carnival made by Viorica and the amazing skills of his crew!!All (or… ehr … almost all) driven by Azzurro Sequencer. from YouTube: Downloadable local copy:

Software in Real World

Well yes, after a short (so to speak) pause with various tales for kids I go back to industrial information technology which is a real challenge: to control millions of channels, smpte, can, midi etc and stay in a 500th of a second .. . well these are the things that distinguish the decent programmer […]

Palazzo Marino

Palazzo Marino kids takes you on an interactive journey among the historical characters and the rooms of the building which today is the seat of the Municipality of Milan. The app can be browsed like a book and reveals all the secrets of the building: when was it built? from who? what are the most […]

Stereo 3D Demos

  3D realtime and stereo reely downloadable demos work on any video output device (active / passive / tv / projectors /mobile etc) that supports 3D stereo SBS (SideBy Side) Note: due to the 3D hardware (tv) these demos run exclusively in fullscreen, to exit the fullscreen (and close the application) use: On macOS the […]

I Dadà e il temporale

Elastico – Andersen Award 2015 for digital creations Editor’s Choice Award – Children’s Technology Review – USA At the first thunder, the dog Lola runs to hide in her kennel. What a fear the storm! No fear! Here come the Dada, the mini-superheroes on the side of the little ones! Link all’App Store Link al […]