C3 | Chimera 3volved

Engine C3, a total revamp of Chimera, is almost completed (assuming that an engine can be defined as completed …). C3 contains a lot of advanced features: it is completely shader-based and contains many postprocessing effects such as filmgrain, depth-of-field etc. but probably the best thing is that it runs on Windows (core 330), macOS […]

3D Demos

Some realtime , freely downadables, 3D demos that demonstrate the usual things, namely: high polycount with a bang of FPS, keyframers, splines, fsaa, lightbloom, lightmaps, flares, bumpmaps, normal maps, specular mapping, volumetric lights, shadows and realtime physic. All demos work with FSAA enabled, maximum anisotropic and trilinear filter. All the scenes are written in a […]

Chimera 3D engine

Chimera 3D e’ una engine OpenGL portabile sviluppata per girare su Windows, macOS e iOS. Durante gli anni Chimera si e’ evoluta parecchio per adattarsi alle nuove richieste (per esempio supportando lo switch 3D->stereo 3D con un semplice tasto). Una versione pubblica e’ disponibile gratis per tutti, il pacchetto per OS X e Windows include […]