Stereo 3D Demos

  3D realtime and stereo reely downloadable demos work on any video output device (active / passive / tv / projectors /mobile etc) that supports 3D stereo SBS (SideBy Side) Note: due to the 3D hardware (tv) these demos run exclusively in fullscreen, to exit the fullscreen (and close the application) use: On macOS the […]

Chimera 3D engine

Chimera 3D e’ una engine OpenGL portabile sviluppata per girare su Windows, macOS e iOS. Durante gli anni Chimera si e’ evoluta parecchio per adattarsi alle nuove richieste (per esempio supportando lo switch 3D->stereo 3D con un semplice tasto). Una versione pubblica e’ disponibile gratis per tutti, il pacchetto per OS X e Windows include […]


Simple software to pilot a water wall showing drawings and photos, the latest version involves the support of the SMS display sent to the fly from any user