230 / 5000     An engaging interactive app to transform a visit to Bergamo into a great game, looking for clues and traces like real detectives. Eyes open and iPad / iPhone in hand! Developed for Elastico and the Municipality of Bergamo Link all’App Store Link al sito ufficiale

Vitamini & SuperVitamini

As part of a food education project aimed at children, a super-interactive story to playfully discover the qualities and powers of fruit and vegetables … making everyone’s mouth water! Miki Mela, Tom Pomodoro, Francy Fragola, Alex Banana, Clara Carota, Rudy Aglio, Pier Fungo, Bob Broccolo, Patty Pera and Frankie Fico: here are the Vitamini! There […]

Gambalunga (e il pirata Senzanaso)

An interactive story for children (aged 6 to 12) of 39 pages conceived by professional educators of the Terra dei Colori non-profit organization. * Number 1 in the book category in 13 countries: Italy, USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain and others … *** “An animated, colorful, and engaging story for the world of childhood. […] […]

Old Projects

Across the jungle A sort of “popup book” in 2D / 3D for children for iOS Live Compass 3D compass over the live video, the first in the iOS store (as usual… Im an idiot) Kaleidraw A simple fully configurable kaleidoscope for iOS   Sparkles Simply a moving particle mess by the user  


An award-winning interactive book and one of the most advanced when I came out (in 2011). It uses OpenGL 2D, 3D and physics. Elastico – Andersen Award 2015 for digital creations BEST BOOK for IPAD 2011 App Store Rewind Italia -demo app loaded on iPads displayed in official Apple stores around the world – BEST […]