Gambalunga (e il pirata Senzanaso)

An interactive story for children (aged 6 to 12) of 39 pages conceived by professional educators of the Terra dei Colori non-profit organization.
* Number 1 in the book category in 13 countries: Italy, USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain and others …
*** “An animated, colorful, and engaging story for the world of childhood. […] It can be used by educators as a useful teaching tool.” – Nova 24 – Il Sole 24 ore “Interactive book entirely made in Italy … a highly imaginative adventure, wisely exploits the possibilities of interaction of Apple devices” – Style Piccoli “So you just have to give this fantastic story to you and your children.
You will not regret it.” –
This app fully supports (text and voices) six languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese.

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